Battlebots WCVII - Starchild BattleUSED Package: Specimen Tube

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Battlebots WCVII - Starchild BattleUSED Package: Specimen Tube

Starchild Certified BattleUSED Part/Item & Promo package

Omega Team guarantees the authenticity of this decommissioned item & certifies it as battle-used during the filming of the television show Battlebots.

Starchild BattleUSED Package Includes:  

  • (1) Starchild Specimen Tube includes pieces of tegris armor, wheels and alien top shell. Tube includes a label indicating the opponent and hand dripped neon acrylic accenting.
  • Specimen bag
  • Starchild sticker 

* All BattleUSED robot memorabilia sold in lots of more than 1 item may not match exact image, we do our best to send the coolest one available (let's face it they are all cool)

* With all BattleUSED parts please handle with extra care, we do our best to remove sharp edges, splinters and burrs prior to shipping, please be careful when handling/unpacking.